Flannel Shirts

The Tailored Flannel Shirt Collection Rustic, comfortable always versatile, Tailor Store proudly presents our authentic made-to-measure flannel shirt collection for men.

Experience the hearty comfort of soft-brushed flannel cloth cut-and-sewn to your individual measurements. Comfortable, warming and loved by all, our tailored flannel shirts are available in a wide range colours and check patterns.

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Tailor Store Flannel Shirts

Authentic, Rugged and Spirited

First crafted in the 17th century for Welsh farmers, and later worn by rugged North American lumberjacks, the flannel shirt is a beloved, comfortable and truly versatile wardrobe essential.

Depending on how they are worn, flannel shirts can project warmth, approachability and edginess. During the 1990’s the unbuttoned, sleeves rolled-up look became the unofficial uniform of the grunge movement. However the same flannel shirt can just as easily be worn tucked in and buttoned up at family get-togethers, barbecues or an uptown bar.

Make it yours: Easy to wear, even easier to care for, every man needs a flannel shirt in his wardrobe. Better yet, truly make it your own and order a personally customized, fully made-to-measure flannel shirt from Tailor Store.

Wear it your way: Prefer short or long sleeves? Contrasting seams and buttons? With or without breast pockets? Check out our shirt designer, let your creativity free, craft your tailored flannel shirt and then wear it exactly how you want.