We Will Change The World

Shirt by shirt. Suit by suit.

When you think about it, the global retail giants and major fashion houses really aren't all that innovative. For decades they’ve forced us to rush back-and-forth from the dressing room with standard sized clothes that only fit a tiny proportion of customers. Whilst they may be stuck in the past, with Tailor Store you don't have to. 

When clothes don’t fit we have two options. We either throw them away, or return them. More and more shoppers are doing both with tragic consequences for the environment.

At Tailor Store we deliver sartorial fashion, tailored just for you. Not only do our clothes look infinitely better than poor-fitting standard sizes, Sartorial fashion garments are timeless, quality items, that you’ll want to keep forever because they are truly unique, just like you.

One of the biggest surprises for Tailor Store customers is just how affordable our made-to-measure clothes are. Unlike expensive bricks-and-mortar tailors, we use e-commerce and cutting-edge technology to reduce our costs. Because of this, our customers get superior perfect-fit garments at the lowest possible price.

Unlike other clothes retailers who stuff ready-made items into next-day delivery bags, we craft each piece for an audience of one – you. Our tailors have a saying, ‘perfection takes time, but is more than worth the wait’. This philosophy is sewn into every single one-of-a-kind shirt we make. The tailoring starts the moment your order, and though your item may take a few days to arrive, we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

We will change the world. Shirt by shirt. Suit by suit.

A Better Fit For Everyone

The pace and scale of inefficiency in the global fashion industry cannot continue.

Each year brands abandon trends, churn out new collections, and pump millions into soulless ad campaigns, all to get you to buy more. More clothes that don’t fit properly, and more clothes that they will encourage you to forget next season.

At Tailor Store we are committed to fixing this broken industry by delivering truly sustainable tailor-made fashion to all. Since 2003 we have sought to elevate customer expectations and experiences of clothes through unique, affordable, perfect-fit made-to-measure garments.

In Sweden alone, the average person throws away eight kilograms of clothing a year. It is estimated that just as many kilograms of hard chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, along with approximately twenty-nine thousand litres of wasted water.

Unwanted clothes that aren’t thrown away are almost always returned. This is especially common for online retail giants, where approximately 40% of poorly-fitting standard-sized items are sent back. When you consider the packaging, emissions and fuel consumption for their delivery and return, it suddenly becomes clear that the environmental cost of such clothes is too high a price to pay.

Bricks and mortar stores aren’t the answer either. They all carry a questionable carbon footprint. Moreover, customers often shop online to save time, which absolutely makes sense. We all know the feeling of carrying three or four sizes of the same item to the changing room, in hope that one might somehow come close to fitting. And we all know that moment of frustration, when none of them do. The waist is too large, the sleeves are too short, the trousers are too long. ‘Why?’, we say, ‘why can’t I ever find the right size?’. The answer is simple. Standard-sized clothes aren’t made for you, they're made for a generic template, which bears no resemblance to your form. At Tailor Store, each item is individually tailored for a single person, the one who requested it. It is through this unique, caring, purposefully measured approach that we seek to achieve a more sustainable world.  

From Soot Stains To Tailor Store

It was in Sri Lanka, where a 23-year-old exchange student first experienced the wonder of tailor made clothes. To this day he still recalls the incredible feeling of buttoning up that perfect-fit made-to-measure shirt, and total surprise at the remarkably low price. Inspired by newfound confidence and passion, he teamed-up with a friend. Together they embarked on an ambitious dream to take on the out-dated standard-sized fashion industry with sustainable made-to-measure clothes. 

Shortly after beginning their business, the first shirt arrived, carefully measured, cut and sewn by its first tailor - Mr Nava. A tailor who still to this day creates clothes for our customers.

The first shirt also brought it its first challenge – a black soot mark on a white collar. Mr Nava had ironed the shirt, heating it with the glowing embers of a coconut shell, accidentally dirtying the garment.

Quick to learn, the founders established their own professional tailors’ workshop, with modern equipment and technology. From this humble beginning, Tailor Store has since grown to employ over five-hundred tailors and cutters alongside Mr Nava. Steered by his experienced eyes and hands, they have measured, tailored and delivered over one-million unique shirts to customers all over the globe. 

Our tailors take immense pride in their craft. Selecting only the finest quality fabric, they cut it precisely to your measurements. Step-by-step a shirt begins to take form. The collar is thoroughly tested for firmness, then added. The buttons positioned and sewn. Then come the details, like custom monograms cuffs or contrasts. Once complete, the garment is ironed, folded and carefully packaged for prompt delivery.

And then the moment of truth. You unwrap and button-up your perfect-fit Tailor Store shirt. In an instant you feel the difference, the superior comfort and quality. But more than that, you feel different; confident, special, proud. And therein lies the secret. Our tailors take pride in their garments, because they know you will take pride in wearing them.

This sense of shared pride and appreciation is at the heart of Tailor Store made-to-measure clothing. When the people who make and wear clothes value them, they don't over-produce, return, or thrown them away. They cherish them. When clothes are cherished, fewer are needed, lessening the burden on our precious planet. A Tailor Store store shirt is more than a garment, it is a symbol of pride, and a contribution to a more sustainable world. 

Sartorial Fashion For All

Finding your perfect fit is the first step to feeling and looking great. Its more than a matter of measurements. At Tailor Store we believe a truly perfect fit garment is one that compliments you in every way. That’s why we encourage our customers to personalise their made-to-measure clothes in our easy-to-use design tool. 

Whether it’s a casual shirt or formal suit, you have the power to create clothes that are not only unique, but designed entirely by you. When we’re personally connected to our clothes we feel better, more confident, more authentic, more us. With Tailor Store, you literally can wear your heart on your sleeve with a custom monogram. These personal touches don’t just make a great first impressions, they make us braver and bolder. 

Choose from over three-hundred fabrics and countless numbers of colours, buttons and more. Why stop there? Take your pick from an extensive range of collar, sleeve, contrast, and cuff options. Whatever your vision, you can create it with our simple yet sophisticated drag-and-drop design tool. Once complete, your measurements and one-of-a-kind garment design are instantly shared with our Tailors who begin bringing it to life.

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of having a idea and making it a reality. Dressed in your unique tailor made shirt or suit, you’ll never want to go back to impersonal, unflattering and uncomfortable standard-sized clothes.

Don’t be surprised if, like so many of our customers, you find yourself visualizing more unique shirts and testing them in our shirt designer. As you explore new styles or looks, like modern, contemporary, casual or formal shirts, your understanding of fabrics and details will only grow. Before you know it you’ll be a tailoring aficionado. 

With Tailor Store the possibilities are endless. Why not say goodbye to standard-sizes, try our shirt designer and find your perfect fit today.

Cutting-Edge Tailoring

Changing the world shirt by shirt, suit by suit takes more than just our tailors. Cutting-edge technology is key to exceeding customer needs and achieving the highest levels of sustainability. That’s why at Tailor Store we continually strive to innovate and improve every element of our craft. For us tailoring is as much a science as it is an art. 

Since 2003 we have explored better ways to design, order and produce made-to-measure clothes. Whilst traditional tailors and clothing retailers remained anchored to bricks-and-mortar stores, we confidently rode the new wave of ecommerce and built an online service for superior bespoke clothing.

Next came our unrivalled shirt-design tool, which put the power of creation in the hands of our customers. Over a million shirts, and thousands of positive reviews later, we’re delighted to call it a success. 

Our most recent goal has been to simplify and improve the shirt measuring process. For centuries tailors and their customers have relied on tape measures, often requiring countless lengthy visits to obtain accurate measurements. To save our customers time and effort, we launched the Tailor Store Size:Me smartphone app, which provides simple, fast, and precise measurements in just moments. The Size:Me app is available to download for iPhone and Android now.

Designing perfect-fit custom clothes has never been easier. For those seeking additional style guidance, we also have a vast range of pre-designed shirts and experts on hand to give advice. 

At Tailor Store we believe tailor made clothing is the past, present and future of fashion. 

Tailored Clothes Don’t Have To Cost The Earth 

As we strive towards achieving a more sustainable fashion industry, we are committed to fairness, opportunity creation, and making made-to-measure clothes affordable for everyone. Just like our shirts, suits and accessories, all of these goals are perfectly complimentary.

We directly oppose the exploitation of child labour and workers across all industries. Our Sri Lankan tailor shop employees all receive above average wages. Beyond this, we also provide training, sports, and educational opportunities during working hours.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we stock a large, and continuously expanding selection of organic fabrics. We only work with a small number of partnered suppliers, each of whom comply with our code of conduct and environmental checks standards.

Despite all of these efforts, we still have to rely on standard methods of transportation to ship our clothes. In order to compensate for any CO2 emissions, we plant new, vital rainforests in the areas we work in, or those most affected by environmental changes. This is something we plan to continue for as long as we exist.

We actively avoid working with middlemen, retailers and wholesalers. Instead we offer our made-to-measure clothes directly to customers online. Doing this enables us to forge closer relationships with our customers and keep our operational costs as low as possible.

We are also very selective with our advertising. Whilst other large retailers waste huge sums of money on ineffective campaigns, we predominantly grow through unparalleled word-of-mouth from our loyal and delighted customer base.

At Tailor Store we know that it is possible to transform the fashion industry through made-to-measure clothing. Better still, we know that this pathway only brings benefits. For the planet it brings sustainability. For our Tailors it brings pride and reward. For our customers it brings comfort, confidence and affordable quality.

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, but believe us, the best is yet to come. 

We thank you for joining us. Together we will change the world. Shirt by shirt. Suit by suit.

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